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Cambridge Physical Therapy Center offers specialized treatment for women with conditions such as low back pain with pregnancy, or post-pregnancy when caring for a newborn. Pregnancy may result in back pain, sacroiliac dysfunction, separation of the abdominal muscles and general weakness. Our physical therapists will address the changes in postural alignment and use manual techniques, exercise and modalities as needed to keep the muscles in proper alignment and length.

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Masectomy and lumpectomy, are surgical procedures that can result in lymphadema, swelling, pain, stiffness, loss of motion, weakness, decreased function, as well as scar tissue development. Our physical therapists will help you to decrease the inflammation and pain, and help you to regain the motion and function you need to resume your activities of daily living.

Incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction are common issues for women, with the population ranging from the elite athlete to postpartum moms. Although there are many causes for these dysfunctions, the treatments available through physical therapy are extremely effective.

We are here to evaluate and effectively treat your Women’s Health challenges in order to help you return to your desired level of activity.

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