Neurological Therapy

An injury or condition to your central nervous system can be life changing, but it doesn't mean you can't continue to do the things you enjoy. At Cambridge Physical Therapy Center our therapists work with you one on one to reach your individual goals. You will be pushed to succeed, but also motivated along the way. Recovery can be difficult but it's not something you need to face alone, which is why we are here to help!

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Our staff has experience treating a variety of different conditions such as:
- Parkinson's Disease
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Cerebrovascular Accidents (Stroke)
- Spinal Cord Injuries

A primary emphasis of treatment for any neurological disorder is maximizing the individual's independence. Treatments may focus on balance, strengthening exercises, functional training, improving gait mechanics, and assistive device training. Among the variety of treatments that we utilize, we are skilled in implementing principles such as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). This treatment focuses on improving motor function and maximal muscular contraction. The treatment focuses on increasing amplitude of movement, which in turn improves speed, balance and quality of life. It has been shown to be very effective and we are excited to implement the principles with our patients.

When a patient has a neurological injury or condition, we will first conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine his or her individual needs. Then, we develop a tailor-made treatment plan based on medical, functional and clinical needs, with the goals of:
- Maximizing a person's return to functional independence and active lifestyle
- Optimizing physical function and enhancing the skills needed to perform daily activities of living (ADL's)
- Maximizing strength, balance and mobility
- Developing new cognitive and behavioral strategies to compensate for any deficiencies

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