Vertigo Therapy

Spinning, dizzy, falling, or off balance? Vestibular rehabilitation and balance therapy (VRBT) is the specialized practice in physical therapy focused on evaluating and treating patients suffering from symptoms of central and peripheral nervous system problems.

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Patients suffering from vestibular and balance impairments range in all ages and can describe problems related to equilibrium, visual clarity with motion, posture, conditioning, and tolerance to positional changes. They generally also have increased fatigue, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating depending on the particular problem.

Our staff has experience treating a variety of different conditions such as:
- Viral labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis - Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
- Disuse dysequilbirium
- Autoimmune disorders to the inner ear
- Surgical resection for acoustic tumors or vestibular schwannomas
- Migraine related vertigo
- Meniere's disease/ gentamicin ablation
- Ototoxicity
- Head injury/ traumatic brain injury/concussion
- Cervicogenic dizziness/ whiplash associative disorder
- Fall prevention

When a patient has Vertigo, we will first conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine his or her individual needs. Then, we develop a tailor-made treatment plan based on medical, functional and clinical needs, with the goals of:
- Maximizing a person's return to functional independence and active lifestyle
- Optimizing physical function and enhancing the skills needed to perform daily activities of living (ADL's)
- Maximizing strength, balance and mobility

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