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Since the inception of Cambridge Physical Therapy Center, we have been a leader in the treatment and rehabilitation of the injured athlete. We have experience in dealing with injuries at the collegiate, preparatory and recreational levels. We offer a unique blend of hands on manual therapy, coupled with the latest in sports medicine and performance enhancement techniques. Our physical therapists provide a thorough evaluation of your injury, study your patterns of movement, and design a treatment program with your specific activity in mind, i.e. a volleyball player would receive a different rehab program than a baseball player.

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We use cutting edge techniques supported by the latest research to push you to your highest level of competition. We work with you and your coach, trainer, physician and parents as needed. Our therapists understand the aspects of intense training, suffering injury, and the road to recovery.

We also offer athletic injury screenings which enables us to evaluate and educate you on your injury. This allows you to begin the rehabilitation process as soon as possible and refer you to the best physicians as needed.

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